About Me

As a passionate artist and avid user of cannabis, I’ve always been frustrated by the negative stereotypes perpetuated by society and the media. I’ve never found cannabis to be a detractor to my ambition or my creativity; on the contrary, I don’t know if I ever would have gotten my Fine Art degree without the consciousness-expanding potential of marijuana. This has led me to my personal calling, a quest to correct false perceptions and open the minds of receptive people, to show them that cannabis doesn’t need to be the boogeyman that it’s made out to be far too often.

As a grower, I am intimately familiar with all aspects of the hemp plant, both socially and chemically. As an artist, I’ve spent years delving the human psyche, and have dedicated much of my life to exploring the limits of potential that cannabis provide us. As a poet, I’ve striven to use words to the best effect possible. And as an activist, I find it to by my personal responsibility to open people up to new possibilities and to try to make the world a better and more welcoming place.

In this blog, I will closely look at cannabis culture, not from the popular side of pop lyrics and dank memes, but from the studied eye of a lifelong artist. I will draw on brilliant painters, poets, and musicians throughout history, many of whom who have drawn inspiration from sativa itself, all of whom have created transformative art that has made our world a better place. Not only that, but I will also examine the evidence made available to us by modern science, to dispel the myths of negativity that surround the plant, and instead focus on all of the wonderful advances and inspirations that cannabis can bring us.